What’s on at Denny Bros…

We offer an extensive range of Art and Craft classes upstairs in our gallery. Taught by talented local artists and covering a variety of subjects, we have something for all ages and abilities. Classes can be booked by telephoning: 01284 761171 or by visiting our store. See below for this year’s schedule.

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Please note that places are limited and are sold on a first come first served basis. To see further information about a class, click on the title.


27th March and 3rd AprilWednesday2.00pm - 4.00pmBeginners Guide to DrawingPaul Seymour£30.00
7th, 14th and 21st MayTuesday10.00am - 12.00pmDrawn to DrawingRosie Copeland£45.00
8th, 15th and 22nd MayWednesday6.30pm - 8.30pmDrawn to DrawingRosie Copeland£45.00
22nd and 29th MayWednesday2.00pm - 4.00pmPen and Ink WashPaul Seymour£30.00
6th JulySaturday10.00am - 4.00pmDrawing From Still Life Made EasyTracey Waghorn£40.00
31st AugustSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmDrawing Landscapes From a PhotographTracey Waghorn£40.00
5th, 12th and 19th SeptemberThursday10.00am - 12.00pmIntroduction to DrawingAndrew Harrington£45.00
5th, 12th and 19th SeptemberThursday6.30pm - 8.30pmIntroduction to DrawingAndrew Harrington£45.00
7th SeptemberSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmiPad / Tablet - Digital Painting WorkshopJason Smith£40.00
14th SeptemberSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmBotanical DrawingSandie Hawkins£40.00
21st SeptemberSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmPen, Ink and WashJohn Glover£40.00
5th OctoberSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmAutumn FruitsDebora Cane£40.00
2nd NovemberSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmSketchbook WorkshopDebora Cane£40.00
7th NovemberThursday10.00am - 4.00pmIntroduction to DrawingAndrew Harrington£40.00
9th NovemberSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmiPad / Tablet - Further Steps in Digital PaintingJason Smith£40.00
16th NovemberSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmDrawing PeopleDebora Cane£40.00


25th April, 2nd and 9th MayThursday10.00am - 12.00pmIntroduction to PastelsAndrew Harrington£45.00
25th April, 2nd and 9th MayThursday6.30pm - 8.30pmIntroduction to PastelsAndrew Harrington£45.00
23rd and 20th May, 6th JuneThursday10.00am - 12.00pmWater and Landscapes in PastelAndrew Harrington£45.00
23rd and 20th May, 6th JuneThursday6.30pm - 8.30pmWater and Landscapes in PastelAndrew Harrington£45.00
29th JuneSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmPortraits in Pastel, Chalk and CharcoalJohn Glover£40.00
8th, 15th and 22nd AugustThursday10.00am - 12.00pmFurther Techniques in PastelAndrew Harrington£45.00
8th, 15th and 22nd AugustThursday6.30pm - 8.30pmFurther Techniques in PastelAndrew Harrington£45.00
26th SeptemberThursday10.00am - 4.00pmIntroduction to PastelsAndrew Harrington£40.00
31st OctoberThursday10.00am - 4.00pmWater and Landscapes in PastelAndrew Harrington£40.00
4th DecemberWednesday10.00am - 4.00pmFurther Techniques in PastelAndrew Harrington£40.00


30th MarchSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmWatercolour Made EasyTracey Waghorn£40.00
1st and 8th MayWednesday2.00pm - 4.00pmWatercolour Painting for BeginnersPaul Seymour£30.00
4th, 11th and 18th JuneTuesday10.00am - 12.00pmIntroduction to WatercolourRosie Copeland£45.00
5th, 12th and 19th JuneWednesday6.30pm - 8.30pmIntroduction to WatercolourRosie Copeland£45.00
2nd, 9th and 16th JulyTuesday10.00am - 12.00pmFurther Steps in WatercolourRosie Copeland£45.00
3rd, 10th and 17th JulyWednesday6.30pm - 8.30pmFurther Steps in WatercolourRosie Copeland£45.00
28th SeptemberSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmWatercolour Made EasyTracey Waghorn£40.00
19th OctoberSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmLandscapes in GouacheJohn Glover£40.00


11th and 18th AprilThursday2.00pm - 4.00pm Acrylic Painting for Beginners
Paul Seymour£30.00
25th MaySaturday10.00am - 4.00pmAcrylics Made EasyTracey Waghorn£40.00
30th NovemberSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmAcrylics Made EasyTracey Waghorn£40.00


27th AprilSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmA Structured Introduction to Oil PaintingTracey Waghorn£40.00
20th JulySaturday10.00am - 4.00pmPortraits in OilsJohn Glover£40.00
27th JulySaturday10.00am - 4.00pmA Structured Introduction to Oil PaintingTracey Waghorn£40.00
26th OctoberSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmA Structured Introduction to Oil PaintingTracey Waghorn£40.00

Mixed Media

1st, 8th and 15th OctoberTuesday10.00am - 12.00pmAbstract ArtJamie Andrews£45.00
5th, 12th and 19th NovemberTuesday10.00am - 12.00pmMixed Media and CollageJamie Andrews£45.00


10th, 17th and 24th SeptemberTuesday10.00am - 12.00pmDrypointChris Evans£55.00
10th, 17th and 24th OctoberThursday10.00am - 12.00pmCollagraphChris Evans£55.00
12th OctoberSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmExperimental Screen Printing WorkshopOff The Press Collective£65.00


22nd JuneSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmCalligraphy for BeginnersSandie Hawkins£40.00
7th DecemberSaturday10.00am - 4.00pmCalligraphy for BeginnersSandie Hawkins£40.00